Science And The Bible

My friend Steve has a ministry helping college kids in their relationship with God. In a recent conversation, he told me about a survey which stated that 2 out of 3 church attending college students stop attending church, and seriously question their faith after beginning college. It seems, that being submersed in a purely secular view of the world (in college), and being removed from their former home life (which had supported their faith), many begin to question their faith. This is not surprising, because those 2 out of 3, mentioned above, were likely not prepared for the assault on their received biblical teachings.

A stack of science books topped with the Bible
We should not have to ignore science to believe the Bible.

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YHWH’s Day Off

Prefacing note: In this article, the words Elohim and God are used interchangeably. God is the English translation of the Hebrew word Elohim. They are titles, not names. YHWH is a common way that God’s personal name (hwhy) is rendered in English. It has been replaced in many bibles with the word LORD. Today there are endless arguments on the correct pronunciation of this name. That is why it is being typed without vowels. His personal name is not used in the Bible until God creates the person of Adam, places him in the garden, and deals with Adam personally.

Additional note: There is a hypothesis presented in this article, which is probably unlike anything you’ve heard before. It may be very difficult to consider if you are not able/willing to discard previous, long-held, teachings

Day 7

It seems natural to begin elaborating on Elohim’s Work Week (days of creation) with day 1, but this article is focused on day 7. I want to focus on God’s Sabbath because it’s unlikely that anyone has yet instructed you on what to think about the length of THIS day. You will be more willing to accept a different idea regarding God’s Sabbath than you will on the other days (of HIS creative week) that you may have been previously “instructed” on. Continue reading YHWH’s Day Off