Understanding Leaven

Hebrew Roots

Bread made with leaven has a sour taste
Bread made with leaven has a sour taste.

Each year near Passover, many in Judaism and an increasing number of Christians go through their cupboards and pantries in an effort to rid their houses of leaven. Some Christians do this as a result of getting back to the Hebrew roots of their faith. They may realize they are not bound by Mosaic law, but desire to remember or commemorate the festivals of YHWH in some degree. Understanding the festivals helps us to have a greater understanding of Jesus. As Paul said, “The law is a tutor leading us to Christ.” This article examines the questions, “Just what is leaven?”, and “What is/was the meaning of throwing it out once a year?” Continue reading Understanding Leaven

Science And The Bible

My friend Steve has a ministry helping college kids in their relationship with God. In a recent conversation, he told me about a survey which stated that 2 out of 3 church attending college students stop attending church, and seriously question their faith after beginning college. It seems, that being submersed in a purely secular view of the world (in college), and being removed from their former home life (which had supported their faith), many begin to question their faith. This is not surprising, because those 2 out of 3, mentioned above, were likely not prepared for the assault on their received biblical teachings.

A stack of science books topped with the Bible
We should not have to ignore science to believe the Bible.

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